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Abstinence programs for drug addiction patients

Medication containing methadone is available for abstinence treatment of drug addiction patients. Methadone is a synthetic opioid derivate, which presumably acts on the μ receptors. Its components are produced solely under laboratory circumstances in form of pills or fluid.

It was discovered in World War II, as a powerful pain-killer. It’s been used for the treatment of wounded soldiers, then, in the sixties, at first in the United States, followed by other countries of the world, for the treatment of severe heroin addicts.

Methadone ceases all the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. It diminishes the strong craving, the desire for heroin or poppy seed tea. This might be its most important effect.

Methadone is a medication! This is very important to know. As any other medication, this can only be administered based on doctor’s recommendation and exactly in the dosage prescribed by the doctor. At the same time, methadone – due to its opioid content- is on a so called drug list, therefore it requires extremely thorough and strict administration.

Similarly to any other opioid containing agent, methadone may also cause dependence. If the dose reduction follows a proper protocol regarding rhythm and quantity, treatment discontinuation will be problem-free.

As any other opioid containing agent, methadone can also be overdosed. Symptoms of overdosing: drowsiness, faintness, balance-problems, in severe cases coma, low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, in severe cases respiratory blockade.

In such cases it is of high importance to seek medical help as soon as possible. Until then we should try to keep the consumer awake and assure breathing.