Pharmaceutical manufacturing - contract manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

As a CDMO we offer customized services along the entire pharmaceutical chain from product development and formulation to manufacturing and regulatory support. We are specialized in the production of solid dosage forms in batch sizes from 0.5 kg to 250 kg - from small-scale to industrial scale - with a production capacity of nearly one billion tablets per year. ExtractumPharma (EP)'s state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production equipment includes the machine lines required for small-, medium- and industrial-scale production. Our flexible CDMO services provide the most suitable solutions tailored to adapt the unique needs of our partners.

Solid dosage forms
• tablet
• film-coated tablet
• modified-release tablet

Granulation technologies
• Direct tabletting
• Compacting
• Wet granulation technologies
o Mechanical eddy-current granulation
o Fluid bed granulation /FPG/

• Rotary tabletting machine

Coating methods
Water-, film-based coating technology

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Pharmaceutical packaging

Az ExtractumPharma zrt. elsősorban szilárd gyógyszerformák csomagolásával foglalkozik, alapvetően két formában: tartályos és buborékfóliás (bliszteres) kiszerelés. Csomagolási kapacitásunk döntő részét a buborékfóliás csomagolás adja.

Primary packaging
• Blister packaging - ALU/ALU, ALU/PVC, PVdC
• Containers - glass or plastic, in different sizes

Secondary packaging
• Labelling
• Cartoning
• Serialization
• Stacking

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