Licencing in-out

Long term strategic partnerships are fundamental part of our bussines in pharmaceutical services. ExtractumPharma has a proprietary drug portfolio in pain treatment and other therapeutic areas and has board experience from mutually benefical partnerships and is actively seeking new partners in areas such as in-licensing and out-licensing.
Please contact us if you are interested in discussing partnership with regards to ExtractumPharm product portfolio and launching the pharmaceuticals on new markets.

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Development of new products

We are open to proposals for the (co-)development of new products. With our experience, knowledge, production capabilities, our product development services and your ideas are ready to support R&D, production processes, stability testing and clinical studies to ensure a successful product launch on the market.

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Contract manufacturing

ExtractumPharma is a reliable partner in the full range of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and packaging, producing finished pharmaceutical products: dietary supplements and medicines. Our company has the license for the release of raw materials, additives, active substances, and products arriving from outside the EEA. We take responsibility for transferring technology, purchasing raw and other necessary materials, and for manufacturing your products at our production facilities.
Choosing us as a contract manufacturing partner will allow you to focus on the heart of your business, while we will take care of the production part.

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