Therapeutic areas

Our core business is the development, production and distribution of human generic medicines. Our product portfolio is basically made up of prescription products, among which cardiovascular and analgesic products are of particular importance. A medicine is classified as prescription medicine if its use definitely requires medical supervision.
In 2022, our company produced and distributed nearly 134 products with 31 active ingredients in Hungary and on export markets. Our products support healing in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Medicine names ending with 'EP' are manufactured and/or marketed by ExtractumPharma Zrt.
ExtractumPharma Zrt possesses a full authorization for narcotic drugs; we play a significant role on both the domestic and international markets in the production of preparations suitable for the treatment of opiate addiction used in addiction care.

Cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular diseases affect many of our compatriots and are unfortunately the leading cause of death in Hungary.
ExtractumPharma is present with several products in this therapeutic area, both for treatment and prevention. In addition to effective antihypertensive and anti-atherosclerotic products, our medicines also include products for the treatment of varicose vein disease and for the prevention of complications of vascular diseases, such as myocardial infarction or stroke. You can find information about our non-prescription product in this group here.

Pain relief

The treatment of pain of various origins is important not only for the elimination of discomfort; adequate analgesia often contributes to the improvement of the patient’s condition as well.
ExtractumPharma Zrt.’s wide range of analgesic products offers a solution for the treatment of pain caused by organ or tissue damage, as well as pain arising from diseases of the nervous system (neuropathic pain). Our medicinal products, such as simple painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, weak and strong opioid drugs can be used in mild to severe pain, including pain caused by convulsions. This product range, in addition to prescription products, also includes non-prescription medicines, of which you can find information here and here.

Addiction therapy

Drug addiction is a serious social and health problem worldwide. One of the treatment options for opiate users, especially heroin addicts, is substitute treatment with ExtractumPharma’s products available in different strengths.
The preparation produced by ExtractumPharma belongs to the group of narcotic pain relievers. It can provide effective treatment together with other complementary therapies to reduce or eliminate the withdrawal symptoms of opioid-type medicines because methadone is able to replace the withdrawn drug.

Antihistamine therapy

Allergy is an excessive immune response of the body to substances that do not cause any symptoms in healthy people. A lot of ordinary, but unpleasant allergies are known. Our anti-allergy products belonging to the group of antihistamines primarily eliminate the effect of the molecule called histamine, either released by the body or entering from an external source, thereby reducing allergy symptoms. Our product range includes well-known second-generation film-coated tablets, as well as products of topical pharmaceutical form for the relief of skin itching. Our products provide effective help in treating the symptoms of allergic diseases, thus greatly improving the quality of life of patients.
You can find out more about our non-prescription anti-allergy products here.

Opthalmic pharmaceuticals and devices

Our eyes are one of our most important senses, and maintaining their health is of prime importance. ExtractumPharma Zrt.’s ophthalmic products contribute to the protection of eyes.
Our products are mainly intended as a solution for the treatment of glaucoma, a progressive disease of the elderly. Deterioration can be prevented or delayed. Our combined preparation is available for simultaneous treatment of eye infections and inflammations.

Cough suppressant medicines

Our cough suppressants are available to patients in the form of syrup and tablets. ExtractumPharma’s products primarily help alleviate dry cough both in children and adults. Thanks to its active ingredients, our well-proven and well-known product provides complex treatment even in cases of wet cough.

Neuropathic medicines

Among our products against various manifestations and symptoms of neuropathy, there are both symptomatic and causal therapies offering solutions for different forms of the disease.

Other therapeutic areas

ExtractumPharma offers up-to-date solutions for the treatment of diseases in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our medicines provide solution for the treatment of nausea and vomiting, help prevent insomnia, hypotonia, and collapse, and treat diabetic neuropathy.

 OTC products