Investigational Medicine Products (IMP) manufacturing, packaging and distribution

IMP manufacturing and packaging

Manufacturing and packaging of investigational medicinal products under cGMP circumstances.


Tailoring the content of our service package to the needs of our Partner, we perform the following activities:
1. Release of active substances and additives
2. Formulation
3. In-process Control
4. Release


ExtractumPharma offers comprehensive solutions for primary and secondary packaging and relabeling. We provide user-friendly form of packaging, Whether for clinical trials (Phase I) with small amount or trials (Phase III) that require almost commercial packaging, small and large volumes ExtractumPharma is your partner to deliver you a turn key solution, including technical packaging design, printed material supply, and using the right resources for the required volume, FMD compliant serialization. In our controlled warehouses and production areas we also are able to store and process IMPs with special requirements.  Our size allows us to remain flexible and efficient in our IMP packaging services.

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Comperenhensive logistic services for IMP

ExtractumPharma Zrt. offers a comprehensive logistics service consisting of the warehousing of investigational medicinal products necessary for the implementation of clinical trials and the transportation thereof to the location of the trial (health institutions), the transportation of the remaining items back to the warehouse and, if necessary, their disposal. Our special service includes:

1. import permits of medicinal products requiring special handling (narcotics, psychotropics)
2. import, customs administration
3. transportation from airport to Expharma warehouse
4. comprehensive administration of the processes:
5. provision of the strict accounting rules required by the authorities
6. reporting tailored to the partner's needs
7. transportation of the investigational medicinal products to the locations of the trials
8. contact with members of the supply and use chains (client/sponsor, monitor, hospital, national authorities)
9. continuous supply of the trial locations
10. transportation of the remaining products back to the warehouse at the end of the clinical trials
11. comprehensive disposal at the closure of the trial

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