Pharmaceutical services

ExtractumPharma puts a great emphasis on the development of its pharmaceutical services. Alongside our contract manufacturing services since the beginning, we entered into the manufacturing, packaging and logistic of investigational medicinal products (IMPs) in 2005, with possesing full scope Narcotic license. We also made our logistics services even more prepared for our Partners.

Licencing in-out

ExtractumPharma Zrt. is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing effective medicines to fight diseases. By marketing our own products, as well as out-licensing generic products owned by our collaborating partners to Hungarian and foreign customers, we are able to supply both domestic and export markets with effective medicinal products to combat and treat diseases.

We are involved in the formulation development of several new first-generation generic medicines and we out-license these products, mainly in the European Union and in Eastern European countries, through our own network and through our network of partners. Out-licensing activities include:
• Marketing the licensing rights to proprietary dossiers for export markets
• Marketing licensing rights for dossiers developed by partners for domestic and export markets
• Representation of international companies in Hungary (consignment warehousing, contract warehousing, marketing, distribution)
• Entering export markets through subsidiaries or distributors, e.g.: Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Serbia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, CIS countries, Vietnam

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Contract manufacturing (CMO)

As a CDMO we offer customized services along the entire pharmaceutical chain from product development and formulation to manufacturing and regulatory support. 


Investigational Medicine Products (IMP) manufacturing, packaging and distribution

Our company, ExtractumPharma Zrt., entered into the clinical trial supply chain in 2005. Our company has the licence to manufacture and package investigational medicinal products. Our license for narcotic drug production enables the manufacturing and packaging of investigational medicinal products with special requirements for handling, storage, and administration as well as the comprehensive performance of the logistics and administrative tasks of the given clinical trial.

Participants of the supply chain:
• The Client initiates the clinical trial
• The pharmaceutical factory that provides production, packaging and/or storage and transportation, the necessary disposal, and the comprehensive administration of these activities – ExtractumPharma Zrt.
• the Hospital, health institution providing the location and the doctors for the trial
• the CRO/Monitor, who organises the actual trials, supports the doctors carrying out the trials at the various locations



Pharmaceutical development

Development of pharmaceutical products (mainly solid dose formulations) has always been the heart of our activities. ExtractumPharma offers the following services:
• development of generic pharmaceutical formulations
• technenology transfer and analytical method transfers
• activities related to manufacturing site transfer in case of licenced products

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