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Contact Information

Centre – Budapest

The management, accounting, financial division, marketing and trading, acquisition and logistic as well as the administration are located in the headquarters of the company in Budapest.

  • H - 1044 BUDAPEST, Megyeri út 62-64, Hungary
  • Phone: +36-1-233-0083 +36-1-233-0661 +36-1-435-0867 +36-1-435-0868
  • Fax: +36-1-233-1426 +36-1-233-1318
  • e-mail: budapest@expharma.hu

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Pharmaceutical plant – Kunfehértó

In the manufacturing plant of ExtractumPharma Zrt. in Kunfehértó pharmaceutical manufacturing and formulation is performed in accordance with NIP (National Institute of Pharmacy) accreditation, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and EU requirements with quality control and documentation of processes in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines.

  • H-6413 KUNFEHÉRTÓ (Bács-Kiskun County), 4th District 6.
  • Tel/Fax: +36-77-407-474
  • Phone: +36-77-407-112
  • e-mail: kunfeherto@expharma.hu

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