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Tisztelt Partnereink!

Az ExtractumPharma zrt. vállalat vezetés részéről szükségesnek érezzük, hogy a COVID-19 körül kialakult helyzetben tájékoztassuk Önöket a fennálló állapotokról, intézkedésekről.


Dear Partners,

ExtractumPharma zrt. feels it is necessary to inform you about the situation and actions taken at our company in connection weth COVID-19.

Contract Manufacturing

ExtractumPharma (EP) can provide solutions for its customers in each step of the pharmaceutical production and development from laboratory scale to industrial scale.

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Manufacturing, packaging, distribution of IMPs

ExtractumPharma Zrt. entered into the clinical trial supply chain in 2005. Our Narcotic drug license allows manufacturing, and packaging of IMPs with special requirements for handling, storage and administration as well as full performance of logistical and administrative tasks of a clinical trial materials.

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Storage for our customers

The depot of ExtractumPharma is located in Kunfehértó in the South-East of Hungary. Our free depot capacity is made available for our Partners in the form of contracted storage. Our pharmaceutical warehouse is of course cGMP approved and the administrative background is provided with an SAP system. We have the authorization for E.E.A. release of pharmaceutical products coming from outside of the EU region.

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